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The Feralas Offensive.

Dralosa a posted Jul 20, 12


"...It wasn't long before the Horde armies realized that Dustwallow would be the most difficult obstacle of them all. On top of the unforgiving terrain, the Alliance-controlled Highway was lined up with siege engines from Theramore. The Horde Offensive came to a screeching halt. If Theramore was to be razed, it would require time and persistence.

While the Horde forces began their slow trek through the swampland, the Alliance began to prepare for the inevitable Siege of Theramore. A dire request for reinforcements was sent out to all neighboring Alliance armies. The first message was received by a kaldorei faction in Feralas, stationed at the Feathermoon Stronghold. Without much hesitation, the call for help was answered..."

Lorekeeper Dralosa reflected quietly in her chambers. The Kaldorei Elder Priestess and her people had rallied their sisters and brothers to join in the assault, to prevent Theramore's fall. Would it be enough to stymie the unquenched bloodthirst of the Horde war machine?

She sagged in her chair. There was no point in seeking the answer. The committment was more than worthy. If Theramore were to fall, if Kalimdor were rendered insecure in its totality, the Exodar, newly functioning, may be lost...

She shuddered at the thought. For Kalimdor, she murmured. She prepared to send the Sha'nash, once more, to war.

Unholy Rites (cont)

Dralosa a posted Jul 17, 12

A window of opportunity has opened up for the Sha’nash.  Following Shadowmother Anzhela and Shadowspeaker Kirahti’s exonerations at the Exodar inquest-the information taken from High Deathspeaker Kinov has been located-along with the crystal that imprisons his soul.  But there is just one little problem…


The crystal and the information lie in the hands of a blood elven spy and two Auchanei trackers-deep in Trisfal Glades. Reports have shown that the Forsaken are busy sending all available troops into Silverpine and to the Hinterlands, but that will not last for long.  The Sha’nash only have the span of one single night to sneak into Trisfal and get away…but can they pull it off without the bulk of the Forsaken army noticing?

Unholy rites.

Dralosa a posted Jul 4, 12

A letter arrives from the Exodar:

To the Lorekeeper and other high-ranking officials within the Sha’nash:

I regret to inform you of the passing of High Deathspeaker Kinov of the Auchanei. Another attempt was made upon his life as he lay recovering in the Exodar’s healing halls-and sadly, it was successful. As in keeping with the traditions of our people when such a situation has occurred, his body will be examined-and an inquest into his death will be held on this upcoming Thursday.

In light of evidence that was presented to the inquest council, I strongly insist upon the presences of Shadowmother Anzhela and Shadowspeaker Kirahti on that day. The Sha’nash is welcome to send its own representatives as well.

Blessings in the Light.

Exarch Mikaleous
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Trouble in Darnassus.

Dralosa a posted Jun 30, 12

A letter arrives personally for Lorekeeper Dralosa.

"Esteemed leader Dralosa of the Draenei of the Sha'nash,

I write this letter to you in regards to the most urgent pleas of the highborne of The Lineage of the Moon. We have fought together in the fields of battle with our allies to the east here in our own Kalimdor but we must plea for your aide against a domestic foe, The Shadow of the West. We face a new foe within Teldrassil. Our Arcanists have been attacked at knife point and even under the assault of dark shadow magics. Our enemy has no face save for one priest who wears a mask to cover himself. We observe quietly from the shadows and have come across the name of their cult. 

The highborne have a history from ages ago of being deemed the cause of the great battle against the Legion here on this planet, but it was the devious Queen who was really to blame. Our Highborne were exiled for the continued practice of this magic. Now that they have returned, this rogue cult group has taken it upon themselves to purify these lands and make an example out of the reformation of the Moon Guard; us. There is no mistake that this is a threat that could cause great bloodshed and with this, I beseech thee to allow our Arcanists sanctuary within your care until such a time as it is safe for them to return. My outrunner that delivered this message will take any reply that you give us. It is a dangerous favor to my people and one that we understand would require much consideration. We are indepted to you for your time and consideration.


Priestesses Ash'ana Mistbloom and Mavei Lightleaf of the Lineage."

Lorekeeper Dralosa responds.

"Priestess Ash'ana Mistbloom,

Your plea resounds loudly in my ears, for this is a matter I take very personally. The Arcanists of my order are few, but we have, much like your Highborne, fought to be valued and considered noble above our predecessors who turned to the Legion for greater power and prestige. 

Any sort of political backlash against your people also bodes ill for mine. If the Shadow of the West wishes to perpetrate mistrust and fear amidst its own racial lines, then I can only imagine what this means for we Draenei of Kalimdor. Exclusion of the Highborne from Darnassian society has far-reaching implications for my sisters and brothers practicing their traditions on the Exodar.

Our common ally, the former High Commander Kerdic Lothinil, speaks highly of you. If it pleases you, my people shall travel to Darnassus as soon as possible in order to meet with you and to necessitate a safe passage out of Darnassus for those of your Order who seek refuge.

Naaru bless you, and keep you safe until we arrive."

- Lorekeeper Dralosa

Stonetalon awaits!

Dralosa a posted May 18, 12

Two urgent missives are couried to the Aldor rise. One is official in tone, requesting Sha'nash assistance in a recovery n Kalimdor. The other missive is similar, but slightly more... detailed and interesting to read than the other. The unidentified author is clearly exasperated in his tone:

'To the praesidium of the Sha'nash,

Please forgive the anonymity of this missive. Once I have told you my story, it will be clear to you why I request to remain nameless.

No doubt your people have heard by now the events that transpired on Azuremyst Isle. In amidst the chaos and the resulting loss of life of both Exodar peacekeepers and refugees, a further emergency has arisen. The Exodar is, as you may well know, fully operational and capable of flight. However, I seem to be... guilty of a substantial security breach in regards to that.

On the day of the riots, I held in my possession a transponder unit that held recordings of major technical works that we undertook on the Exodar. We crafted such transponders to be night-on-impossible to destroy with most conventional methods, and made them configurable so that they could be jettisoned skyward for hundreds and hundreds of miles in the event of an emergency, and traceable to the approximate area they land on.

As the peacekeepers fought back the swarming refugees, we technicians scurried to ensure that no hull breaches were made and that the Exodar was safe from intrusion. In the fray, however, I... dropped the transponder.

It was regrettably picked up, not by one of our people, but presumably by a refugee. It has, remarkably, wound up across the ocean and landed somewhere on Stonetalon peak.

My presumption is that it was accidentally jettisoned by the finder.

I know that the Exodar has officially sent ahead a missive to the Sha'nash requesting aid. My purpose in sending this letter is not to ask forgiveness for my foolish mistake, but to beseech you to take this matter as urgent. The transponder contains vital information about the Exodar's structure. Any Horde who were to recover the transponder, ascertain its function, and translate our recordings might gain critical knowledge of its weaknesses.

Please. Do not let my careless mistake cost our race.'

- anonymous